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I will start off with my introversion. I am a thinker, I enjoy thinking of various subjects and obtaining more knowledge to continue my thoughts as a result of me being an introvert. I enjoy quiet times with myself and my thoughts, reflecting on all that I have read or discovered that day. I enjoy debating any topic under any subject with anyone that is just as passionate about debates as a I am, for my mind has given out on doing it alone...Anyway this is a place where I will post my views on current topics either political or not, on movies and classic films, and on other *random issues and topics. This includes lgbt issues (I do have lesbian pride). I will post indie rock songs and other videos that I feel in need of exposure.

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To the anonymous, I do not speak or type on a subject unless I have actually read some articles, journals, etc. about it.

If you are upset that I do not accept the premises…the theory, because I choose to challenge its assertion [how does one figure such theories and terms came about in the first place?] then so be it. 

If you wish to call names, then so be it. I will be short with you as you were with me.

Anonymous said: all the latino and asian people i know that married white people have kids that only speak English and act as white as possible. My bi-racial black white friend ONLY dates white men and looks down on the black community and thinks blackface is okay and that blacks also sold themselves to slavery lol

Now I am black, but I do not “act black” , nor do I “act white” because acting a color is based on racism. People do not act a certain color, people act as themselves. I will not rely on stereotypes…make a caricature of myself just to please people like you ,and your ‘friends’ and those that you know shouldn’t either. They are their own person, as you are and as I am. 

More about myself: I was raised in the Southern black culture. I appreciate the music and the food, but I do not “act” or speak as they do. I do not hate myself, and I do not hate my family. I just naturally acquired traits that differed from theirs despite my environment and that is alright. The same to your biracial associates. They should not have to live by one heritage as they should not have to live by both. They are their own person.

More about me: I enjoy jazz and music from Motown, just as I enjoy indie and rock music. I enjoy old school R&B just as I enjoy classical music. My preferences should not be limited by the color of my skin or the culture I was raised in. I do not have an issue with dating outside of my color, and I have had crushes outside of my color; however I have only dated black people [male and female]. My preferences should not be limited to my color and neither should your friend’s. Everyone has a preference: there are blacks that prefer to date blacks, specifically there are Haitians that prefer to date Haitians; as there are white that prefer to date white, specifically there are Greeks that prefer to date Greeks; as there are Asians that prefer to date whites; as there are mixed race/biracials that prefer to date one or the other, etc. No one should be judged based on their preference, and no should be limited based on their color. This is America [assuming this is where you are from as well], the most diverse nation of them all. Why should one limit themselves?

There is no denying that there people that look down on their own color as there are people that look down on others [regardless of color] and yes that is an issue. It is an issue that people are so blinded by this concept of “race” that your associates are judged by speaking one language over another. That your biracial friend has judged a group based on the few…the stereotypes used to differentiate between “acting black” and “acting white” as the basis of the whole. That your friend, and yourself included, are limited in what is historically wrong and what is historically accurate. It’s a shame that people cannot shake away from this issue…that people by large still choose to judge a person based on their color.

The colorblind approach does not do all that is mentioned in your post anon, hopefully this response will make that clear.

Anonymous said: lol are you like pharrell williams and that whole "new black" BS

I am not like him or anyone else. I am me.

Yes you are right it is BS. 

Anonymous said: it's not a bad thing to SEE someones COLOR and heritage as long as it's not seen through white racism and a racist eye. Otherwise to be 'colorblind' is to delete and erase that core part of a poc's identity. It makes it convenient to just ignore those aspects of a poc person's heritage and identity. It's not only white people that are "colorblind", POC with "internalized racism" who have largely ASSIMILATED into the dominant white culture and white ideology also adopt this colorblind approach.

Yes of course, I see people’s color. It’s part of a person’s physical characteristics that can not be ignored and would be immature to do so. 

I already explained why the second sentence is false, if you disagree, then so be it.

I do not have internalized racism, that label [as you are using it] is just to dismiss those who think for themselves and choose not to judge others on the basis of color. Now my culture, I take from them all, since being born and raised in America [the most culturally diverse in the world] allows me to do so. I like to explore, now you may label that as “internalized racism” if you wish too, fine with me, because I do not take the collectivist approach to life. I am my own person.

Anonymous said: google "colorblind racism"

I have googled it..I already made that clear. 

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I never understood people who are anti social justice. Not anti-tumblr “social justice” (if you can really call it that), but anti-actual social justice. Like what are you “pro”?

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Ancient footprints discovered in Bursa



Footprints dating back to the Neolithic period (6,400 B.C.) have been discovered during excavations in Barçın tumulus in the northwestern province of Bursa’s Yenişehir district.

Koç University academic, Rana Özbal, said works had been continuing in Barçın tumulus since 2007 under the coordination of the Culture and Tourism Ministry and the Dutch Research Institute.

She said the oldest settlement in the region dated back to 8,600 B.C., adding, “The houses in tumulus are semidetached. In one of the houses, we have found a pair of footprints and now we are searching for how they appeared.” Read more.

Tumblr Is Good For Some Things

… I recently received my new iPhone and I thank Tumblr so much for the whole photo sharing warning.

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Anonymous said: Are the Black panthers REALLY the black equivalent to the KKK? I mean, their original goal was self-defense, but I hear they pretty much ended up that way.

The New Black Panther Party is considered racist and a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, with the original Black Panthers in agreement. [It’s strange that they were supported in Ferguson protest, however]. The original Black Panthers from the 1960’s are not to be mistaken with the New Black Panther Party, which started in 1998 [See: The New Black Panther Party is Unlike its Namesake of the 1960s].

Their fight against white racist yes it was self-defense, however the black separatist espouse their own form of racial supremacy and nationalism.


They, just like the white supremacist groups [KKK for instance], oppose interracial marriages. They rely on religion, Christianity or Islam, as the basis of their movement. They promote anti Semitism, though some of them refer to themselves as Jews. They are homophobic. They preach for separate nation for blacks and so on. The Nation of Islam label white people as “blue-eyed devils” and push other racist sentiments and violence against them.


Pretty much.

Source: Black Separatist 

good night minions

Anonymous said: "colorblind" is another form of racism. Why do you want to erase poc cultures, languages and customs with your colorblindedness? I don't want to be invisible? I WANT my culture, language and hertiage SEEN and SEEN as EQUAL. Not IGNORED. I WANT my language, heritage and culture to CONTINUE in my kids, not blinded and ignored. Interracial relationships KILLS poc cultures. it assimilates them and erases them, no thanks.

Actually it isn’t racist. I have read sources [I will provide them to non anons] on which the notion that it is “racist” has kept many satisfied, and I can say with confidence that they are woefully biased and misguided. As the sources use a collectivist approach to make an argument, which ignores individuals that differ in experience from the supposed group. 

First, it is often assumed that only white individuals are colorblind. I am not white and I am certainly not a “PoC” [more on that further on], and one will find other nonwhite individuals that are colorblind as well. However, I do understand why others [mostly students] believe colorblindness is racist. It is assumed that there is privilege, namely white privilege, if one does not “see color”, since it is often assumed that racial minorities have no choice but to “see color”. Not seeing someone’s color is not a source of privilege and it isn’t a denial of one’s physical characteristics as different from another [that is obvious], or the denial of their experience/culture/history [also obvious, we do not all share the same environments]. Now, not all racial minorities, namely black from my experience, view their lives and others solely based on color. There are plenty that do and give reason/justification for doing so based on their personal experiences with racism-often projecting them onto others as the universal truth of the ‘black experience’ in America. This racism that they experience is usually a combination of institutional racism, individual racial tension, microaggression, and so on, though again not all racial minorities experience this mistreatment [the mistake of taking a collectivist approach to “race”]. However, since many do, this is why the assumption is there-that minorities as a whole have no choice but to see color and color will always be an issue or factor for their misfortune, tension, etc. Anyone who does not see color or accept the collectivist worldview will be assigned the label of having white privilege. I assure you, I am not white and I am not a beneficiary of class [excluding the homeless] or majority privilege. I have neither, yet people like me are invisible to the collectivist. 

The term colorblind is also conflicted as it assumes that one does not literally or figuratively see another’s color. So I can see how one might assume that it will ‘erase someone’s color’ based on how the term is phrased, but the underlying principle of it is different. Much different that of the term “People of Color”, which has its origins as far as the late 17th century. That term does erase people’s identities, assumes their personal experiences [again with the collectivist approach to “race”]; creates a new distinctive “race”; reinforces the overly simplistic racial dichotomy of “white versus everyone else”, “white versus others”, “us versus them”, etc. that mirrors the same racist sentiments of “colored people” or “colored”. It may seem more liberating by putting ‘people’ before their ‘color’, but still it means the same. Most importantly it erases the voices of the very people lumped together as one, especially those that reject the term, to create this false sense of solidarity against the general group of what is white. Their culture is no longer distinct, they are “PoC”. A Nigerian is not different from a Jamaican. A Cambodian is not distinctly different in culture than Japanese, they are just “PoC”. A white Hispanic is considered white in some circumstances [i.e. George Zimmerman], but a “PoC” for solidarity against what is white. A person with white or another color heritage is forced to choose sides, are they white or are they “PoC”? A “PoC” is essentially a black person, as that is what the term was regarded for by whites centuries ago, but became more inclusive of others not considered white for more “solidarity” against what is white. Even what is white is no longer distinct in culture and heritage as well, it is just white, even in America. 

You can have your culture, and for it to be known distinctly from others even in an interracial relationship. You can teach your kids your culture, language, beliefs. Being colorblind will not stop you from continuing your culture. Being color blind will only mean that you will not judge people on the basis of color. You will not assume that one is like you, or, like the collectivist, assume that all racial minorities (in the US) are the same or share similar experience/sense of solidarity. You will note that we are different, distinct individuals, but will not judge the other for these opposing characteristics. Unlike the term “PoC”, I will not assume where you or anyone else stands in life.

There isn’t anything racist by accepting an individual and letting that person tell me who they are.

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Cabinet of Monstrosities by Hajime Emoto. They are supposed to represent the 7 deadly sins. 

These were all made from paper and bamboo. Here is his website, although it’s in Japanese. (Website)

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An attempt to reconstruct the apperance of a high-status mycenaean woman.

It’s possible that mycenaean women of high social status, noblewomen and priestesses, painted their faces for ceremonial occasions, using white lead. Such make-up would give their face mask-like appearance, letting temporarily remove the individual behind said mask and play a certain role instead.

The Ancient Worlds with Bettany Hughes: Helen of Troy

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It’s about a young girl, a young and foolish girl, who sees something from her bedroom window which she doesn’t understand, but she thinks she does.

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