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I will start off with my introversion. I am a thinker, I enjoy thinking of various subjects and obtaining more knowledge to continue my thoughts as a result of me being an introvert. I enjoy quiet times with myself and my thoughts, reflecting on all that I have read or discovered that day. I enjoy debating any topic under any subject with anyone that is just as passionate about debates as a I am, for my mind has given out on doing it alone...Anyway this is a place where I will post my views on current topics either political or not, on movies and classic films, and on other *random issues and topics. This includes lgbt issues (I do have lesbian pride). I will post indie rock songs and other videos that I feel in need of exposure.

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I am itching to write more on this subject as I see it on my dashboard but I will let it alone. As with those against homosexuality, the ignorant believe what they want to believe. I can’t reason with people that refuse to be reasoned with. I will leave it alone

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Looking up, Peter Stewart

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The Age of the Sahara desert



A team of scientists from Norway, France and China revise the view that the Sahara desert has existed for only the last 2-3million years.

The Sahara is the earth’s largest subtropical desert. During the last decades, multiple scientific studies have probed its geological and archaeological archives seeking to reveal its history. Despite some crucial breakthroughs, there are still basic questions that lack satisfactory answers.

An example being, how old is the Sahara desert? It is believed by many that the Sahara desert first appeared during the last 2 to 3 million years, however, recent discoveries such as ancient sand dunes and dust records in marine cores push the possible onset of Saharan aridity back in time by several million years. Until now, however, there have been no good explanations for such an early Sahara onset. Read more.

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Chief S.O. Alonge did something previously unheard of during his 50 year engagement as the photographer of the royal court of Benin, Nigeria: he focused his lens back onto his own people. As the first indigenous royal court photographer, his photos shied away from the rigid, formal style of his colonial predecessors. 

Alonge’s photographs and legacy are remembered in a newly opened exhibition at the National Museum of African Art, “Chief S.O. Alonge: Photographer to the Royal Court of Benin, Nigeria.” The exhibit runs through Sept. 2015. You can read more about Alonge, as well as the exhibition, here.

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Resin Artworks by Keng Lye 

Her butt is so unnatural yet she is praised for it and seen as empowering. Please. You all have been sacked by plastic surgery and everything fake.

When will we celebrate natural women for once?

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American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell confronting Martin Luther King Jr., 1965.
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American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell confronting Martin Luther King Jr., 1965.

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I will leave it to Yahoo commenters to remind me how ignorant some Americans still are on homosexuality and the rest of the LGBT community. 

How are you in relationships?

I’ve improved

It’s quite clear to me, Al B Sure, that you are lip singing to your song in the music video. I mean that you are being overdramatic trying to feel the lyrics and all but it’s obvious.

This is decades late criticism, I know.

I can and I will upset you. I can and I will piss you off. I can and I will be cruel. What I do unintentionally has no purpose.

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