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I will start off with my introversion. I am a thinker, I enjoy thinking of various subjects and obtaining more knowledge to continue my thoughts as a result of me being an introvert. I enjoy quiet times with myself and my thoughts, reflecting on all that I have read or discovered that day. I enjoy debating any topic under any subject with anyone that is just as passionate about debates as a I am, for my mind has given out on doing it alone...Anyway this is a place where I will post my views on current topics either political or not, on movies and classic films, and on other *random issues and topics. This includes lgbt issues (I do have lesbian pride). I will post indie rock songs and other videos that I feel in need of exposure.

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Oooih ex slave documentaries were because of the depression ooooooh ohhh. Learn something new in class that connect to my childhood everyday.

Black people are not cool, however there are cool people that are black.
One does need to act a color or be a color to appreciate a culture.
A culture is not to be secluded to one group, it is meant to be shared for others to appreciate and understand it.
Black culture is not cool, there are parts of the culture-rap culture for instance- that can be more appealing too many or a few.
This is true for any culture.
Those that wish to mock should be separated from those that wish to appreciate. Appreciation is not synonymous with ‘taking’.
Mocking those that wish to appreciate your culture is… Stupid.
‘Blackness’ is not the stereotypical black person that either is Afrocentric or part of the rap culture.
Stereotypes of black people are not the rule or the default way to act, so do not compare black individuals that deviate from the two to those people
The ‘black experience’ is not always dealing with racism or discrimination from white people or institutions. Do not compare the lack of experience with another.
To be black is not to be anything. We all have different experiences and different values.
Not all black people speak AAVE and they shouldn’t have to do so to fit in or to fit into a stereotype.
Cool black individuals need not to be those that fit the two stereotypes.
Do not denounce black individuals as ‘white’ simply because they have differing opinions , realities or experiences. There isn’t one ‘black experience’
Why? No people are a monolith.

It’s happening again.
Just look away.
Don’t make eye contact.
Just look away.
Remind yourself to just look away

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The Mummy’s Curse, 1944


The Mummy’s Curse, 1944

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Symbols have history, that’s why they are disturbing to see on others.

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Two Red Swastika Society nurses, Shanghai, 1937. 
Photo by Malcolm Rosholt


Two Red Swastika Society nurses, Shanghai, 1937. 

Photo by Malcolm Rosholt

I like to get to the core of the issue, the other half does not. I have trouble with the latter.

I like to understand, the other half does not. I have trouble with the latter.

I  refuse to not ask questions, the other half does not. I am having trouble with the latter.

I refuse to not reflect, the other half does not. I am having trouble with latter.

I like to explore issues unrelated to me, the other half does not and I am bothered by this. 

Yes I am bothered. I like to talk, but what I like to talk about is what others refuse to mention in conversation. These request are not too much, I just want to share what I know or wish to know with a special person. I would like to share a part of me, but it seems like I can never do this no matter the person. I would like to learn from someone else rather than I just ramble on to no end. I want to communicate intellectually. That’s all I ask for from a special person.

Self-centered? Prehaps. As one grows older the person begins to slowly figure out what they want in life and from others. Finally, one finds what is important to them, what gets them excited, what makes them want more, yet there is no one to share the excitement.

What is love, then? I don’t know.

Carter has feelings too, but not for love. She needs to get through this phase.

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The Fountain
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October 21st 1956: Dedan Kimathi caputured

On this day in 1956 a primary leader of the Mau Mau rebellion, Dedan Kimathi, was captured, essentially signalling the end of the uprising. The conflict occurred in Kenya as a rebellion against British colonial rule by groups of Kikuyu Kenyans collectively refered to as ‘Mau Mau’. With its origins in 1947, the Mau Mau originally targetted Kenyans who collaborated with the British, then began attacking Europeans. Fullscale war broke out in 1952, with the colonial governor declaring a state of emergency and calling in British reinforcemensts. The British response to the rebellion was brutal, with thousands of suspects (many of whom were innocent) being held in camps, tortured, and killed. War crimes were committed on both sides, with the Mau Mau, as well as the British, regularly torturing captives and brutally killing civilians. The Mau Mau were not the only protestors against British colonialism, with political figures like Jomo Kenyatta consistently pushing for political rights and land reform. However Kenyatta was imprisoned (he is now widely believed to be innocent) as a Mau Mau conspirator in 1953 and was not released until 1961. By the time of Kimathi’s arrest, and subsequent execution, the Mau Mau forces had dwindled. However opposition to British rule continued after the end of the rebellion, and the state of emergency declared due to the Mau Mau was not suspended until 1960. After this, the process of independence for Kenya began, with Kenyatta taking a prominent role. Independence was finally achieved in 1963, and Kenyatta became the leader of the new nation. The legacy of the Mau Mau Rebellion has been a divisive one, with supporters of the British regime portraying  it as a story of heroic Europeans defeating bloodthirsty Kenyans. However in Kenya the Mau Mau are remembered as freedom fighters, and more recent accounts have revised the traditional narrative and emphasized the exploitation and oppression of Kenyans under colonial rule.

Opinion of What’s Going On

Stop with the excuses already. The people in Ferguson were not rioting in Brown’s case or fighting against institutional racism, they were doing so for their own personal gain. Rioting for any reason is not just as it is a criminal activity- that should not be supported or defended. Stop deluding yourselves and stop comparing one wrong to another. My gosh, the time people compare two wrongs just to see who had it worse and who was better than, they were both criminal acts. The people that do this are wishing to remain victims as a distraction at every turn- that’s what all this is about. I can see the deeper part of this, I’m not fooled.


Actually, Comparing Keene to Ferguson Is Precisely What You Should Do

Every single time. On Facebook two years ago I had to make a grand post to people to stop supporting plans for riots every time you don’t get your way. It’s foolish, it’s criminal, and it’s unnecessary. Yes I said this after the verdict of Trayvon Martin case. People wanted to incite a riot and now it seems that either the protestors or the media or those that make comments are pushing for or supporting plans for a riot now if the outcome isn’t favorable. More violence is not justified in these cases, especially if you are trying to send a message. Rioting does nothing for the people killed, it does nothing for the families, and it does nothing to get your point across. Do not try to do some pitiful justification to make it seem more than what it is [holier than thou], because no matter the reason it is wrong.

I don’t think the actual residents would take too kindly to more outsiders rioting for any reason. It gives a bad name to the people and their community after these outsiders leave.

Ferguson turns into tinderbox as new details emerge

CNN is speculating that this may be a strategic move to incite more emotions. 

Ferguson turns into tinderbox once again after new details leaked

I was scrolling through the comment section of one the Ferguson articles [not those provided above] and, I couldn’t believe this. A man robbed and beat Rosa Parks in Detroit in 1995. He was released from prison only to say he was the guy that did it and that he was having an issue with drugs. He knew who she was as well.

The amount of disrespect, I mean you shouldn’t beat or rob anyone, but this woman helped [though unintentionally] fight for desegregation. If it wasn’t for her and others like her, where would you be sir? The amount of disrespect…

Suspect in Rosa Parks’ Robbery Case Recognized Her, Police Say

Detroit man convicted of robbing, assaulting Rosa Parks accused of stealing from church rectory

People just lack respect in any form.

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Showcasing your large vocabulary can be tacky depending on how you use it. This one guy texted me and, quite frankly, he came off as tacky and arrogant.

Every word of your sentence need not to send the receiver to a dictionary. That is tacky.

This then brings me to the noble class of the 15th-17th century in Europe. Such a strenuous life without having to work with ones hands. How does one meet social expectations of being high classed, but at the same time not come off as a pseudo intellectual? How does a woman even exist when she is presumed to know nothing, but suppose to passively, and infrequently, provoke the curiosity of others? Shock them all with your act. It was all an act.

I can’t do it, I can not be high class.

Last year on campus business people or people interested in our school were invited to a free breakfast in our dining hall. Now our place is nothing to rave about, so they dress the food for show. Sprinkle a little green garnish everywhere to ‘deceive’ the people. These two women, wow [they are black if anyone cares to know] were too high classed for the food presented. Walking around, inspecting every part, walking around twice more. They finally expressed their dissatisfaction, then finally settled for what all was there. You’re not in a five star restaurant ladies, sometimes you have to bring down your expectations to meet the standard.

Then again there are others that imitate. I can be an imitator at times. You know they are the people that whip out- or pull up whatever that is your style- the thesaurus as a word bank and choose whichever word feels nice. Did you seriously consider Chick fil a gourmet- five star- food? I’m not picking for political differences here, I am questioning why you felt the need to be sophisticated in describing a fast food chain. No explanation? Did you use the thesaurus here? Probably so.

Back to the nobles, imagine the pressure of a noble person that only imitated what they read. Imagine the amount of pressure, the embarrassment it caused the person to be called out for what they were. Then again, some accusations were not fair. Jealous people will try to discredit your genuine intellect or efforts out of their disdain.

Such high expectations on oneself and others.

The torture

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