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I will start off with my introversion. I am a thinker, I enjoy thinking of various subjects and obtaining more knowledge to continue my thoughts as a result of me being an introvert. I enjoy quiet times with myself and my thoughts, reflecting on all that I have read or discovered that day. I enjoy debating any topic under any subject with anyone that is just as passionate about debates as a I am, for my mind has given out on doing it alone...Anyway this is a place where I will post my views on current topics either political or not, on movies and classic films, and on other *random issues and topics. This includes lgbt issues (I do have lesbian pride). I will post indie rock songs and other videos that I feel in need of exposure.

Other blog: R A C I S M: Providing/Provoking Critical Thought

*Random: History, Psychology, Nature, Quotes, Personal Thoughts, Journals, Political News, News, Art, LGBT Related, Vintage, Writing*

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Ham, cheese & bacon rolls


Ham, cheese & bacon rolls

What’s Going On?

This guy insist on making jokes that I cannot laugh at.

I thought that I was out touch with popular media, well apparently I don’t know anything. What can I laugh at? 


The campus is ‘dead’. People are heading back home for the weekend I suppose. All I have to say is if one wants to make their experience fun, then you should make it fun. College experience is how you make it and not every college or university is going to provide that for you. If you want to work and play then do it.

I know that I’m repeating myself, but yes people…life is not like the movies.


I’m hearing others talking about shaving lately. Guys, it isn’t gross to have hair and it isn’t needed to shave. Society…businesses tell you that you need it or that it is gross or embarrassing. No, what is embarrassing is that America values make-up, touch ups, photoshopping more than they value the natural human body. What real women look like is not dolls. We are humans, we are animals that so happen to have developed the tools for shaving. Humans have developed the marketing strategy to promote an unnecessary product as “necessary”. 

If body/pubic hair is gross and nasty for you [first I would tell you to grow up] then so be it. If you want to shave then so be it; however, do not project your preferences onto everyone else.

I wondered what you all would do if trapped on an isolated island. Would ya’ll make yourselves sick by looking at your own reflection? 


Dragoncon gave some the excuse to skip classes today. I might check it out.

With the Ferguson news: The protests are alright, along with those stopping to clean up the community. 

I just simply refuse to support looters/flame throwers and those that supported them…or justified their reasons and cause. I stopped following people recently if they supported those excuses of ignorance and disrespect to the family. 

To the special someone that assumed my silence, no I was not silent. I just discussed the issue with people outside of the internet along with vague post here and there. People [black, again most of my associates and surroundings are with other black people] where I am are not as concerned…maybe the internet world is always more reactionary, no matter the issue.

Actually it is interesting how the media and people on the internet are so..yes hyper active on issues and then in person…nothing. Or not much at all really. Especially with the Edward Snowden issue with the National Security Agency, not many actually cared. Of course this is just where I am, but this is the conservative South here.

Why I make this about my thoughts and perspective? To practice. Practice always makes perfect as they say. Whomever they are.

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i dont get offended at white people jokes even though im white because: 

  1. i can recognize white people as a whole have systemically oppressed POC in america, which is where i live 
  2. most people when they make white people jokes only mean the shitty white people and i am not a shitty white person 
  3. im not a pissbaby

my white friends that have reblogged this give me life

4. Sometimes I am a shitty white person and the jokes remind me to FUCKIN STOP

5. I’m extremely US-centric and know nothing about the rest of the worlds cultures.

As an Arab, I laugh at jokes made about Middle Easterns and Muslims. Hell, I had a whole bunch of ethnically diverse friends who we’d made jokes about each other. It doesn’t create racial boundaries, it breaks them. As long as jokes aren’t taken too far where they incite hatred or superiority/infertility, then I don’t really see the problem. White guilt at it’s finest.


Not to mention Tumblr white jokes are not funny.

Humor is meant to be clever and educational whereas Tumblr jokes are stale and passive aggressive. White jokes are harmless (in a US point-of-view), but making them or not making jokes about racial minorities does not make you a good ally. The issue with this mentality is they have a white savior complex and they speak over minorities and get hostile when a minority disagree with them or think for themselves. So yeah, you don’t get a cookie for making white jokes. 


Some of ya’ll need to retake history, all history courses, or read . Europeans were not the first nor the last to oppress people systematically, therefore it isn’t justified to make a joke on an entire diverse, color of people. If you are directing this joke to specific people, then please make that clear. Otherwise you all come off as deeply hostile, reactionary, racist, prejudice towards a group; not upset at an individual or individuals that are actually the problem.

This is also like making a joke about black people and judging the whole based on what few do, then expect people to understand that you only mean the “shitty” black people. This is also like a black person okaying racist and stereotypical jokes about black people because they aren’t a “pissbaby”. No, stop this hypocrisy.

If you are white, please stop the guilt trip. You look pathetic. Your internalized racism [yes that is correct] is not winning you favors from everybody, especially racial minorities that do not cater to the collectivist mindset. If you are white stop justifying what is wrong, it only makes you racist in the eyes of the ignorant. Please, stop thinking you are doing others a favor by promoting  racist and stereotypical jokes about people like you because ‘you know history’. History never..does not justify hate and ignorance towards anyone or skin color [racial supremacist groups are an exception]. Today is today, not the 1600’s to the mid 1900’s. Again, direct your jokes or support jokes that direct frustration specifically to/about the people that are the issue, or none at all.

You can support jokes addressing social justice and racial/ethnic issues without it teetering over to hate of people like yourself, regardless of color.


The racial hatred on this site is strong. If anyone else had stated this they would be accused of internalized racism, an Uncle Tom or Ruckus [I don’t know the terms for others]. Don’t be afraid to speak out if you think something is racist or problematic, though it does not fit with the racial collectivist/extremist/revisionist/sjw worldview. Oh yes, they will cry out and call you names, but don’t pay them your mind and stress.

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The Disappearing City In Peru


The Chimu people once had a vast empire that stretched more than 1000 kilometres from southern Ecuador down the coast of Peru. It was built on the remnants fo [of] the Moche culture. Their empire thrived thanks to complicated water works to bring water to the desert, and the abundant seafood off the coast.


At one point, their capital Chan Chan housed over 30,000 inhabitants. That makes it the largest city in the Americas before Europeans arrived. It had been founded in 850 CE, and eventually covered over 20 square kilometers. Chan Chan had grand palaces, public meeting spaces, and of couse [course] lots of houses!


Some of the walls have intricate designs of the things that were important to this culture – so lots of seafood. In the middle of the compound, representing the most important thing of all – water – a large lake was used for aesthetic and ceremonial purposes. Although Chan Chan was a functioning city, the Chimu put great emphasis on art and design and this citadel was one of the ultimate showcases of this.


Today, Chan Chan is under threat — not from the Incans who stormed in and ended the Chimu, or the Spanish who stripped the city of its precious gold and silver — but from the weather. Since Chan Chan is made from mudbrick [mud brick], it erodes in rain. With changing weather patterns what was once the driest place on earth is getting lots more rain. Peru is trying to protect this once-great city, but UNESCO [Chan Chan Archaeological Zone] has named it an at-risk site [Endangered Site: Chan Chan, Peru] and the site is so large perfect protection is impossible.

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August 29th 1842: Treaty of Nanking signed

On this day in 1842, the Treaty of Nanking was signed by the United Kingdom and China. The treaty ended the First Opium War which began in 1939 and resulted in the defeat of Qing China by the British. The war was fought over the smuggling of European opium into China, and was sparked when Chinese officials confiscated around 20,000 chests of the drug from British traders. With China defeated, the two sides met aboard the HMS Cornwallis moored at Nanking and their representatives signed the treaty. The agreement, considered unequal by the Chinese as they received no concessions, mostly concerned trade and gave the British more control over Chinese trade. It also provided for the Qing government to pay reparations for the confiscated opium and the cost of the war. Very importantly, the treaty also saw the Chinese cede the territory of Hong Kong to the British, which only returned to Chinese rule in 1997.

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1. I am still unsure of where I want to be when I grow up. I know that I want to focus on writing, however I am not so sure if I want to focus on my major-history. I also need to figure out where I would like to focus my writing for capstone. My senior year is coming soon next year, if I manage to catch up.

2. I have this dream story that I am working on that is good and twisted. I want to write it down before I forge. It is an old memory.

3. Finally, I’m satisfied in a relationship with someone that can both understand and accept my oddities. It’s always something worth keeping if one can accept you for you. She still needs to work on the fact that I do read a lot, so I will correct her when she’s wrong. Not to be right all the time, but to state what is true instead.

4.  Speaking of reading I do need to get back into the habit of reading books. Reading articles only takes one’s imagination and theories so far. 

5. I desperately want to travel. By the end of next year I want to have gone somewhere out of my state. I feel like a country bumpkin sometimes when people talk about travel yet I have only been so far as the border of [insert my state here].

6. My 21st birthday is in February and I am going to party hard with flavored water. I’m actually sticking to my…straight-edged preferences for the rest of my life-no smoking, drinking, clubbing, or anything of that sort. People might find me boring for that, but oh well. I was never interested anyway.

7. I have been thinking of about my life lately and planning on what I would do if I do not succeed. Those bus ‘homes’ I always reblog, yep I might do that…become a hermit.

8.  I am fascinated by mental illnesses and medical abnormalities of the body. I don’t know why but I do. I can sit for hours searching for different mental illnesses and the history of them. Another reason why I like abandoned/dilapidated homes and buildings and such.

9. I do love the abnormal-not aliens and UFO’s; I think aliens may be plants and such. You know, small things. Though I don’t care for science fiction. I tried to read Star Trek and Stargate SG-1 when I was younger but..drifted off to..somewhere.

10. I am loving classic films, including silent films. To me, they are much more interesting to watch-not necessarily better. 

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To the number of black friends white people have study: There are black people that do not have a single non black friend, yet judge others based on their skin color. There are many people that only surround themselves with those of like backgrounds, social status, and similar color in skin. This isn’t an issue, however it can be if people expressed more insensitive sentiments towards different cultures and skin colors [for example, Tumblr’s sjw and black supremacist hatred and judgement of people with white skin; and the white supremacist hatred and judgement of those with black, yellow, or brown skin].

If we are going to start counting the number of colors in our groups and criticizing only white people for having so few of a variety, then we have lost the progressive message. I know that we are not going to force people together and start singing songs of peace and love. No we have too many people holding on to history for that to ever happen. I mean that I do not expect other black people to have a diverse group of friends and I do not expect anyone else to have one either.

A friend is a friend and if you are going to gain a friend simply for their color then that isn’t a friend. You are using that person for whatever reason. One does not need to have a [insert color here] friend to not be considered racist or prejudice. You are only racist [not the revisionist or sociology definition of the term] if you express prejudice and/or hatred towards a particular racial group or groups. You are only racist if you feel that your ‘race’ is superior to all or one. You are only racist if you support any form of racial supremacy and nationalism.

Don’t pay anyone your mind if they judge you for having only one black friend or none at all. The same applies to anyone else and including myself: I have mostly black associates with only one latina that I converse with. This does not mean that I hate or am prejudice towards white people or Asians.. or Hispanics.

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