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I will start off with my introversion. I am a thinker, I enjoy thinking of various subjects and obtaining more knowledge to continue my thoughts as a result of me being an introvert. I enjoy quiet times with myself and my thoughts, reflecting on all that I have read or discovered that day. I enjoy debating any topic under any subject with anyone that is just as passionate about debates as a I am, for my mind has given out on doing it alone...Anyway this is a place where I will post my views on current topics either political or not, on movies and classic films, and on other *random issues and topics. This includes lgbt issues (I do have lesbian pride). I will post indie rock songs and other videos that I feel in need of exposure.

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I find it interesting how things change. For instance, something that was meant to suppress a group of individuals-force them to remain ignorant- is now being protected as something culturally significant. 

It’s also interesting how the people in the past corrected themselves because they knew it was meant for suppression, but today it is considered something totally different. Something that should be preserved and protected.

I find everything interesting. Yes I’m referring to AAVE. It’s interesting how everything turns around. I would list other interesting subjects related to this one but my mind is busy at the moment.

What I also find interesting here is the disconnect. Online it seems that people believe one thing, but growing up and living in the region where the dialect originated from is a different story. Those not originally from here-regardless of skin color-are annoyed when they hear these people speak, from what I have been told so far. Those originally from here can be annoyed as well regardless of their skin color. Personally, I have never questioned why do so many other black southerners speak that way. [I recently found out why and how this happened (the paragraphs about suppression).] I never was too concerned about it until others told me that I…don’t “speak black” or that I “speak white”. I never actually noticed or cared about the difference until people made me aware of it. This then began to annoy me too. Of course I laughed at it, heck these people were laughing at me. I laughed at my bus driver (he’s white) with his thick southern accent. A sentence was one word for this man, for those speaking AAVE saying half of every word completed the sentence. I laughed at this one girl I was getting to know who did the same. She is from Louisiana and  oowee that thick accent was just too funny to me, cute and funny. Sometimes neither of these people could be understood.  When you are not used to something, or can’t understand, it’s funny or weird to you, or annoying.

I’m not like others here that protect this speech, protecting by romanticizing it. We can always depend on scholars to romanticize everything. I mean English has been broken down among a variety groups of people. Language in general over a thousand years and more has been either broken down or forgotten. Some are more accepted than others, meaning that it is more accepted if others can understand you. My broken Spanish will do no good among Spanish speaking people. It’ll do no good for you if write like you speak in a professional setting, speaking broken English. I type online as I speak; however, this is not accepted in professional settings. They need clarity. People unaccustomed to you need clarity. 

I have to do the same. I speak softly and slowly, so people think I speak properly. They understand me clearly, but once I pick up the speed I might sound like my old bus driver. Ooh I might sound like that girl from Louisiana, lol. 

Where was I going with this? No where, I just found this interesting.

I think I think that we should rid this country of police officers, just get rid of them. How can we expect corruption of the human condition to not influence the decisions of the officer? They are human just like you and I, so that’s why I think they should be disbanded. Why not? My home town disbanded the police station after getting close to solving a robbery and murder of a friend of my family. The friend was an awful man anyway. If they can disband with no issues then the nation should be able to the same. Get rid of them all, after all they are nothing but a burden on our sore eyes. Get rid of them all, they think that they are above the law, the whole lot of them. These people do not serve and protect, why they serve and protect themselves, the whole lot of them. I think I think that most can agree with me. Police are not like how they used to be in the good ole days, now they are militarized beyond comprehension. We are their enemy, as others say we are their target practice. We are advocating for them all to be gone, go, get rid of them all. The job is exaggerated beyond means. What lives do they risk for us? None, none at all. The veterans filled within their ranks think that they are overseas still, shooting and harassing as they please. Get rid of them all. We see law, the law is written. We understand laws, because they are written. Written laws are already enforce because we read them. What use is the police officer? Nothing at all. Do you understand how much better this nation would be if we got rid of them all? No more abuse, no more unlawfulness, no more corruption on their part. This is advocating for the further discontinuation of the police force. Do not offer testing for these positions. Do not offer classes for these positions. Do not allow this to be taught in our universities and colleges. We need to get rid of them all. They are human just like you and I; therefore they can not be trusted with weapons. They cannot be trusted to serve. They cannot be trusted to protect. I am getting down to it, although I did not want to be vulgar. I know what I am saying, but hold on I’m getting right down to it. Everyone here can agree with me: Fuck the police.

Next we will discuss censorship.

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And now the Acropolis is crumbling…



Just when Greece thought it had come through the worst of the crisis it was hit by a new blow Wednesday—the Acropolis is crumbling.

Engineers have discovered that part of the huge flat-topped rock on which the ancient Parthenon sits in the centre of Athens is starting to give way, the Greek news agency ANA said.

Teams from the Central Archaeological Council found “instability over quite a wide area” after investigating a rockfall in January in which a boulder of “considerable size” tumbled from the most visited site in the Greek capital. Read more.

Workout was alright…I was crunched by time, but I still worked my bum off.

One of these days she’ll look right.

I’m thinking of visiting a local museum here just to look around. I appreciate the efforts humans have made in preserving artifacts and history. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant, everything has a story. For instance, my dad came to me one night wanting me to search for the value of the coins he found in our yard. They were old, quite old. It was interesting though looking at the dates, researching them and seeing my dad get excited [he was expecting thousands here lol]. But it was cool because these coins were from different parts of Asia. Now, I wondered who in my neighborhood went anywhere near Asia? Or met someone from there or traded with them for those coins… just to lose them in our yard. Then I thought about the nosey neighbors behind us. The man fought in Vietnam War…nah the coins were slightly older. No I remember the time I walked my long road, stopping by the churches along the way to look at graves. There were children that died, fascinating the oldest child living on this road was born in 1906. Fascinating, the oldest woman was born in 1887. The oldest and youngest according to who was buried along this road, I’m sure there were others [there is an unrestored and abandoned plantation house at the very end] that lived here. Anyway I remember seeing one grave of a WWII veteran, maybe he brought them back here. If so was he related to me? I want to know the story, no matter how insignificant it may be.

Maybe the weekend after I will go. 

I will make this the rule: anon hate will need elaboration on the argument, with several messages if necessary.

The immature one word name calling is pathetic. Either prove me wrong [as in educate in a mature manner] or don’t bother to message me at all. I don’t like my time to be wasted just to look at a cornflake. Yes a plain corn flake. There are others just like you that can do exactly the same tired ole thing.

Now tell me what you know. Make your ‘ask’ interesting. Provide a thoughtful feedback, donate your time if you are going to start. Refrain from general name calling, people have called and said worse to me and about me over the years and still today in person. Be creative with your ‘ask’, if you do not entertain me then I will not entertain you.


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Are you a Millennial? Are you politically independent?


Are you a Millennial? Are you politically independent?

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world’s healthiest apple pie (gluten-free, vegan)


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Ballet class in a destroyed Russian town during WWII.


Ballet class in a destroyed Russian town during WWII.


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Giorgio Sommer (1834-1914) Naples Delousing,1870


Giorgio Sommer (1834-1914)
Naples Delousing,1870

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Another workout today, Yes working on that core! and cycling. I have moved this commitment to the gym for twice a week instead of one. My body is used to power walking around campus. Seriously people are crawling here, like how do you make it to your destination on time? Pick up the speed people.

This weekend I might go to the so called number one Haunted House, but a frugal person is tagging along…Anything above $10 for entertainment is too much for her. Then she complained about the possibility of having to walk for a considerable time. She’s killing the mood here, I might just leave her butt at her school >.>… That’s right I’ll find a replacement if I have too.

I’m looking forward to this Haunted House event. 

This is the 15th job that I am applying to, hopefully 15 is my lucky number.

I’m trying to be independent, get my own places, find myself in this world. I appreciate the support from my family but I have to do more than just continue my education. I have plans.

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A double burial in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where a male and a female skeleton from the late Middle Ages were found facing each other and holding hands.
This discovery was made last year, and you can read all about it on the wonderful History Blog. 


A double burial in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where a male and a female skeleton from the late Middle Ages were found facing each other and holding hands.

This discovery was made last year, and you can read all about it on the wonderful History Blog

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